Becoming a Prosthodontist: Is it Hard?

Learn about the requirements for becoming a prosthodontist, career opportunities in the field, and how implantology is changing the dental industry.

Becoming a Prosthodontist: Is it Hard?

Admission to both prosthodontic and scholarship programs at the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine is highly competitive, with only four students admitted to the prosthodontic program and one or two to the scholarship each year. Prosthodontists typically require a doctoral degree from an accredited dental school, and before enrolling, they usually earn bachelor's degrees in science-related fields such as biology or chemistry. Prosthodontics is a rewarding and engaging career with limitless opportunities. Career paths include teaching, patient care, research, administration, and more. These opportunities can quickly elevate you to positions of national importance, with the chance for travel, personal development, and compensated national or international conferences. Implantology is one of the most dynamic and rapidly developing areas of oral health care.

Despite its growing popularity, it is still a relatively new discipline in dental education and is limited to postgraduate courses offered by dental schools around the world. The Hong Kong School of Dentistry has a vision to help dentists gain a clinical understanding of implantology and provide implant treatments to their patients.

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